1. Just hanging out at your friendly neighbourhood book exchange. Gotta love Vancouver! #books #bookworm

  2. Granville Island farmers market was a busy place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Throwback to that time Maya tried to play charades and it was hilarious. @mayatekavcic

  4. Waiting patiently for the perfect shot. #photography #wildlife #bc #squamish

  5. Impromptu camping trip in Pemberton, BC.

  6. Home on wheels in progress. #hippievan #homeiswheneverimwithyou #vanlife

  7. Not the worst camping view I’ve ever had… Welcome to the Canadian desert.

  8. Target practice in the desert, at sunset. Sayona, BC

  9. Target practice at sunset, in the dessert. Sayona, BC.

  10. Metal works statue - Osoyoos, BC.